Imagine Our Net...

Home automation (latin: domus = house) is the set of techniques and technologies to automate and improve tasks within a house or a building. Each need is a specific automation. Indeed, it can be programmed according to the facilities for which it is desired to have a simplified management.

The whole point of the connected objects lies in their data. Data that we will be able to appropriate to better understand his house and live there even more comfortable with technology.

And we began to dream ....

Robots who teach students or who will no longer need to go to school, audiovisual education shall be given.

Need to do your shopping on the outside, you see a panel catalog of your suppliers and you place your orders.

Your application will offer you advertisements tailored to what you buy.

A machine that will determine the menu of each one, depending on the number of calories that is allowed to take.

Frozen meals come all alone in the cold room on a dolly.

A master cleaning robot, centralized intelligence, and multiple mini-robots that will each take care of a few square centimeters of the house.

A washing machine or an oven connected that are capable of self-analysis at all times. In case of failure or malfunction, devices communicate data directly to the manufacturer for repair.

The clothes are cleaned automatically every time they are placed in the closet.

You can monitor your home remotely be informed when starting fire, water leak, break, or just to see what happens to you, thanks to a video stream, so you do never lose control or wear glasses, connected, which could be used to communicate with your home.

A connected sensor that gives you valuable information of the air inside your home : pollutant gases, fine particles, temperature and humidity.

Your device may ask to heat the house rather than in a set temperature but from an average of temperatures measured by the different sensors of the weather station, to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the house.

Smart meters to manage the power consumption of your home by recognizing the parts where you are most often and actuators to handle the most demanding devices such as home appliances or heating, and an application to monitor your energy consumption but also know the energy costs in future periods and pay what you consume real time.

Surgeons robots.

Robots that replace your faulty members.

A robot that replaces you in a meeting.

Mail no longer exists, a camera match can send anywhere in the world writing man.

The telephone-television that can see his interlocutors.

A robot that can perform actions on your behalf in all areas : turn on the TV, turn up the volume of the music, turn off the oven and lower the heat.

Television could be used to everything, including controlling the temperature of the bath and even the water level.

The scale that tells you your weight, body mass, etc..

Your device could monitor the opening of a door, a window, a drawer, the temperature of the baby's room.

Connected objects will know precisely the fitness health heart rate in real time, tension, condition of blood. Everything will be calculated for a perfect track your health. It is sufficient simply to go to your doctor as soon as a problem arose. It will check the digital information and suggest appropriate treatment.

To make life easier for doctors, management system and identity authentication mobility to allow the healthcare professional, thanks to its iPhone, iPad ... of confidential access to medical records of the patient regardless of where it is located and from any screen in the same conditions as for his cabinet.

For the elderly, the devices will follow if they get up at night and turn on the light, remind them to take their medications, would signal a fall, and would monitor their blood and follow a chronic disease and that automatically would alert the doctor in case of problem.

And all these applications can respond to your voice, your eyes, your touch or simply by waving your hand in front or recognize your fingerprint ... Everything is permitted and the imaginary, often materializes, then discover your future and stay tuned !