What are the obligations of a travel agency?

Travelers must be aware of their rights with the travel agency. All information must be listed on the agency's website. 

Travel insurance

Normally, once the person plans to travel, he/she must sign up for travel insurance. This insurance is a kind of protection as a civilian, but especially in terms of health. When we ask an agency to organize our trip, automatically, the agency already has insurance for the traveler and his luggage. Then, the agency also works with the mutual health insurance companies. This health protection is going to be framed from the transport of the traveler, in his accommodation, the risks which can occur during the activities, etc. If the traveler gets sick during his vacation, the doctors on site must take care of him under the supervision of the traveler's mutual health insurance company. In the event that the traveler should lose his life in that foreign land, the insurance should take care of the repatriation of the body to his home country. A broker like laurent lalague veolia will be able to find you the best travel agency.

Information on your contract with the travel agency

In this contract, the agency informs you of your destination. It gives you the itinerary you have chosen with a small map. The dates of departure and arrival with the times are mentioned as well as the duration of the stay. The language spoken in this region will be communicated, if you do not speak the language of the country, the guide will serve as interpreter. The total price of the trip including taxes is indicated in the contract, as well as the method of payment. The agency must mention in the contract the names of the service providers that work with it. The traveler can file a complaint if the conditions during the trip are poor. And the contract would be automatically cancelled in case one of the two does not respect their responsibility.

The travel agency should give all the information, as well as warn the customer of the dangers to be faced in this area.


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